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Cover Art

MuseItUp Publishing has released the cover art for The Highway Shooter: A South Texas Mystery. It is perfect. I like the menacing theme, particularly the scope aimed at the 16-wheeler. Advertisements

Mysterious strangers

Another memorable scene in The Highway Shooter occurs when newspaper reporter Glennis Dunning and her sidekick Pettrolius telephone operator Ruby Daily cruise the Pettrolius Beer Joint in an attempt to uncover the identity of four mysterious strangers who’ve been lurking around town driving locals crazy with curiosity. Glennis and Ruby decide to make an evening … Continue reading

Welcome to Pettrolius eBooks

Welcome to Pettrolius eBooks. The Highway Shooter, the first in a planned South Texas Cozy Mystery series, will be published by MuseItUp Publishing in March 2012. Set in late-1960s Pettrolius, a fictional Coastal Bend oil town,The Highway Shooter is driven by a host of quirky characters emblematic of the unique mix that is South Texas culture.. … Continue reading


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