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Novel gets Amazon review

The Highway Shooter: A South Texas Mystery got its first review on amazon.com.

okieanne wrote:

Great mystery set in south Texas. Glennis Dunning,local newspaperwoman, gets involved in solving a case that may be a setup of a local young man to cover for the murder of a local minister. Can’t wait for the sequel. Glennis Dunning is sure to put her detective nose in other places where people will think she doesn’t belong.

Set in the fictional Coastal Bend oil town of Pettrolius, The Highway Shooter eBook is also available through MuseItUp Publishing. My publisher might not like this, but the truth is it’s easier to download the book through Amazon. Don’t have a Kindle? Amazon offers a free eReader for all your devices. Download one of the free apps and save to your PC, SmartPhone, iPad, or eReader. The publisher provides all formats when customers purchase the book so that it can be viewed from different devices. I have a Kindle Fire, but the same download also allows me to view the book from my iPhone.

It’s handy that the eReader bookmarks where you stop reading. So, if I stop reading on my Kindle and then open the book on my iPhone, the eReader opens up to the proper page.


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