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Another 5-star review

A reader who goes by the screen name of GRITS has posted the second five-star review of The Highway Shooter: A South Texas mystery on Amazon.

Thank you, readers, for your encouragement and support. Watch for Murder Off Shadow Lane, due out in the fall of this year. In book two of the South Texas Mystery series, Glennis Dunning encounters many new adventures.

Exonerated of the murder of the town’s Methodist minister, vengeful Pettrolius oil tycoon J.D. Strickland launches a ruthless campaign to break a newly formed petroleum workers’ union and divert oil production tax revenues  to county rival Mayvale.

As the plot unfolds, union-busting sympathizer Elias Bryden is murdered, and a power-hungry district attorney indicts a school janitor for the murder.

In the ensuing investigation, newspaper reporter Glennis Dunning and Deputy Sheriff Jake Briggs uncover a high-level plot to change state oil production law to punish Pettrolius residents for voting in the union.

Short-tempered Pettrolius restaurateur Ruthanne Heggeman plays a leading role in Murder Off Shadow Lane, organizing a boycott against Mayvale merchants.The Pettrolius mayhem continues in a third book, Time Out, now underway.

If Glennis can ever get Pettrolius straightened out–and that’s a big if–she may just take KTCC Channel 6’s offer of a TV anchor job. Marilyn, her oldest, will be in college by then, and that would make it easier to relocate, although she will still have three teenagers at home.

On the other hand, if another murder occurs in Pettrolius . . . well, a TV career may have to wait. No telling what might happen next in Pettrolius, because things remain volatile. OIl tycoon J.D. Strickland is encouraging other oil firms to relocate to Mayvale to punish petroleum workers for unionizing. Pettrolius Latinos, buoyed by their new-found political power, have summoned community organizer Paul Ruiz to town to help organize a Good Government League to force a vote on creating a town government.

No telling what will happen.



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