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A mysterious call

Ken, my barber, was kind enough to let me post a flier on his shop bulletin board. The Highway Shooter flier includes a QR code that when scanned links SmartPhone users to the ebook’s Amazon page.

Every time I get a haircut, I ask about the flier. Have any customers looked at the flier? Scanned the QR code?

“Several,” he stated. “Some acted interested in it.”

The next time I came in, he reported an interesting phenomenon. Someone had left a strange message on his answering machine. The caller stated:

Glennis is still at the scene. She got together with Ruby and some of the others, but they still don’t know much. They’re going back tomorrow to look for more clues. Glennis and Jake don’t have much time left.

The male caller hung up without indentifying himself. Ken could not place the voice. He asked the few customers who showed an interest in the book, but no one admitted to knowing anything.

Some events have no rational explanation and are best left to the realm of mystery. This seems to be one of those.




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