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Terror in Tulsa

A militia group wielding AR-15’s surrounds the Equality Center during opening ceremonies. Frantic Pride celebrants dial 911. Operator one refuses to place the call and hangs up. Someone else tries, different operator, same result. Someone else, ditto. Placing the call would violate their religious convictions, they state. They mention the state’s new Religious Freedom law. … Continue reading

How to order

  From C.E. Chessher South Texas Mystery Series Murder off Shadow Lane Labor strife continues in Coastal Bend oil town Pettrolius, Texas, when union-busting sympathizer Elias Bryden is murdered, and a power-hungry district attorney indicts a mentally challenged school janitor for the murder. The Highway Shooter In The Highway Shooter: A South Texas Cozy Mystery, … Continue reading

Amarillo Rising

Don’t miss out. Pre-order Amarillo Rising for only $2.99 before June 16 release date. http://amzn.to/1G78xrg .

Book 4 release date set

MuseItUp Publishers has set a November 25 release date for Fired by Bullets, book four in the South Texas Mystery series. Watch this book trailer.

Book bundles for 99c on iBooks

Discover a great new book with Book Bundles. 99c for a limited time on iBooks. http://tw.apple.com/bookbundles

3 mysteries in 1

On iTunes today: Prodigies of Mystery: Limited Edition II. 798-pages of mysteries for only $0.99 at http://bit.ly/1qOGFjy

South Texas Mysteries

  Now on iTunes: Prodigies of #Mystery: 3 great mysteries for only $0.99 at http://bit.ly/1qOGFjy

Prodigies of Mystery on ITunes

Prodigies of Mystery: The Highway Shooter and 2 other great mysteries in one for only $0.99 at http://bit.ly/1qOGFjy

Cover Art for Fired by Bullets

Fired by Bullets, book four in the South Texas Mystery series, will be released in fall 2014. Here is the cover art.

Facebook Ad Campaign

South Texas Mystery series begins Facebook ad campaign in Houston.


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